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Great benefits for just 50¢ a day per employee. Offering a full benefits package has never been easier or more affordable.

With Breakroom, you can quickly and easily give any employee access to insurance products, voluntary benefits, perks, and savings.

For just $15 a month every employee receives:

Urgent Care Telehealth.

Free lessons on becoming more mindful.

100% free way to save money on your prescription medications.

Our nationwide network of babysitters, nannies, and caregivers is here to support families.

Get discounts on your pet's medicine, without contracts or insurance.

Childhood Investment Program.

Our unique courses will help you learn how to process stress, anxiety, and other stressors.

Secure digital results about 24 hours of the lab receiving your sample.

Vision care can be confusing and expensive. Lensabl was created to fix that.

Learn how to to manage your financial future from top-rated experts.

A comprehensive hearing solution that provides long-term health outcomes.

Lab tests from the privacy of your own home. No insurance needed.

Upgrades to Expand
Your Breakroom

Employees have access to exclusive, additional benefits and savings from leading providers including:


Cancer Insurance


Financial Security for Cancer Diagnoses.

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Critical Illness Insurance


Financial Security if debilitating critical illness hits. 

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Dental Insurance

Keep your Dentist and save up to 50% on their services. 

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Vision Insurance

Vision insurance for individuals or an entire family for less than $11/month. 

Flexible, user-friendly vision insurance plans as low as $12.50 a month. 

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Movie Tickets

Exclusive discounts on movie tickets.

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Retail Coupon

Grocery discounts to save big. 

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Travel Savings

Save up to 60% on your next hotel stay. 

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Restaurant discounts

Free access to exclusive discounts for restaurants. 

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Concert & Event Tickets

Special savings on live music and events.

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Identity Protection

Identity theft and privacy protection to keep you and your family safe from online harm. 

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Discount Networks

Members save up to 50% on every procedure when seeing Bento Dentists. 

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Telebehaviorial Health

Therapy at your fingertips for $24.65/month. 

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Virtual Primary Care

Virtual Primary Care with no co-pays.

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Legal Service Discounts

Your complete legal resource for as little as $29.99 a month. 

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Vision Discount Program

Save 20% on frames, lens, and contacts. 

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Estate Planning

Fast and easy estate planning for as little as $35.10/month. 

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Breakroom works for any employer and any employee

Works on any device

Members don’t need a computer to enroll, activate, or use their benefits. Breakroom Benefits is designed to work from any device, anytime. No more enrollment days, paperwork, or waiting periods. Employees can access their Breakroom and start using benefits and savings today!

Who our customers are

Business Owners
Save money on benefits, reward your employees, and supercharge retention and recruitment.

HR Experts
Simplifiy complex voluntary benefit offerings, inject positivity into your corporate culture without increasing your workload and administration.

Gig Aggregators
Create your own health wellness and voluntary benefits program to meet the exact needs of your unique employees.

Create your own health wellness and voluntary benefits program to meet the exact needs of your unique employees

Diversify your product offering, drive enrollment, and create a better customer experience with a turnkey voluntary benefits solution.

Product Partners
Feature your product in Breakroom’s warehouse to discover new cutomers and new distribution channels.

Employee benefits for as little as $.50 a day.

Three Easy Steps

How It Works


Every Breakroom member gets access to a package of voluntary benefits, discounts, perks, and savings.


Employees can also self-pay for additional savings, lifestyle benefits, and/or insurance.



You get your own customized Breakroom that works on any device, anyplace, 24/7!


We'll help you notify and register your staff. All you have to do is enroll and share your employee roster.


Custom pricing for companies with 100 or more employees. Contact us to learn more.

Smarter benefits


Use our group purchasing power to give your employees great individual benefits that help them save money every day.